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By RL Expert Leesa Soulodre

The world is changing dramatically in ways that are having a significant impact on how our enterprises operate. This is affecting both the business models we deploy, the people we hire and the technology, systems and processes that we design and build to support them. In an effort to reduce costs and be more adaptable, the demand for “virtual guns for hire” (contractors) over full time hires is now becoming the norm. Work is no longer somewhere we “go”, rather it’s something we “do” and as a result, virtual, agile and dynamic team structures are forcing CxO’s to rethink organizational structures, “smart” enterprise applications and systems and how they can deploy a wide array of services and applications to support their new distributed workforce.

The following checklist has been derived from my new white paper for PegusApps that includes 15 actions that CxO's should consider to adapt their Enterprise Application strategy to the Digital Age: 

  1. Transform the traditional business model or provide input into new product development/user experience using the SMAC stack: Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud for competitive advantage.
  2. Adapt legacy enterprise technology to deliver new customer and channel experiences that contribute to business survival: reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, driving revenue growth and/or market share.
  3. Rethink the organizational structure, reimagine “smart” enterprise applications and systems and consider how you can deploy a wide array of services and applications to support your new distributed workforce, new user experiences or new product development.
  4. Architect user experiences across multiple disparate platforms, types of content and information sources and devices for improved return on investment. Consider aligning any new user demands for specific interfaces and content specific user experiences.
  5. Take a mobile first approach for any applications that can deliver a competitive advantage or improved return on investment. Ensure that all access points are mobile “appified” in order to ensure that all of these technologies can connect via a seamless Web and deliver tangible business value.
  6. Benchmark the company’s mobile maturity on criteria such as # of apps mobilized, to which functions, and time/cost to make a business value assessment. Use this output to prioritize investment in mobile app development, sourcing, and deployment.
  7. Ensure that any API's are integrated with traditional legacy systems and enterprise technologies. Establishing an API tier in the enterprise IT architecture to achieve substantial business agility benefits and redeploy those benefits gained to invest in tools to securely acquire, manage and expose access.
  8. Consider establishing a service orchestration or enablement function to convert API clusters into new products - or to acquire capabilities to bundle, market, and distribute these selected APIs.
  9. Evaluate whether your new technology strategies can adapt in a dynamic environment. Adopt dynamic business processes such as process intelligence, smart machines or intelligent business operations leveraging analytics.
  10. Understand where your most sensitive data resides and adopt an information classification system that takes into account user roles, location and device role and platform.
  11. Adopt an enterprise risk management (ERM) life cycle approach that considers all endpoints, including IoT operational technologies and mobile, desktop and environmental screens on an ongoing basis to proactively protect the company's risk position.
  12. Virtualize - Consider hosting your Enterprise applications, data, and virtual desktops in the datacenter and presenting them through a remote display protocol. This makes it possible to securely run applications on mobile platforms while managing access to core business applications.
  13. Consider using containment and isolation of the applications and content delivered to devices as a leading strategy through focusing on content and app security. In the event of loss, theft, device upgrade or employee departure, the container can be wiped remotely.
  14. Update critical information security processes, technologies and employee training and awareness programs to support your revised security strategy.
  15. Check that your technology strategy maintains visibility and control while providing a superior user experience that contributes to the overall business strategy, competitive advantage and protects the companies digital and tangible assets.

To read the full white paper download here. My warmest thanks goes out to Shane Tully and Carlos Mari for their devils advocacy and to Wes and Anne from PegusApps for their kind invitation.


I appreciate that you are reading my post. Here, and at LinkedIn, I write about board related issues - corporate strategy, human capital, reputation risk, technology, corporate governance and risk management trends.

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About RL EXPERT Leesa Soulodre:

Managing Partner and Founder of RL Expert. A Member of the Global Advisory Council of NY Investment Advisory Firm, Cornerstone Capital; an Innovation Advisor to the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Advanced Digital Science Centre, Singapore and Board Advisor to Belgian PR Software firm, Prezly and US Sports Analytics firm, Autoscout.

An Adjunct in Corporate Communications at Singapore Management University, lecturing part time on "Risk Issues and Crisis Management "and "Content Strategy" at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business. Prior to moving to Asia, spent 7 years part time in European Academia, lecturing on the Luxury MBA programs in Marketing, Communications and Reputation Management at two french business schools, Ecole Superieur de Gestion and Mod'Art International.

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