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Make sure your boss gets the message

Reporting risk to the board has never been more challenging. Companies and their executives are judged not only on what they do, but who they are. Access to information and oversight are a director’s fiduciary responsibility, and boards are more concerned with risk than ever before.

In this issue of The Knowledge, the insight supplement that surveys Asia-Pacific risk managers, StrategicRISK asks how the profession can hammer home its messages effectively.

On page 14 you will find my 8 tips to give boards the confidence that risk management is transparent and thorough.

In this issue we also look at:

  • How do companies evaluate the effectiveness of their risk management programmes?
  • How effectively is the risk function integrated with other business units?
  • Should risk have a seat at the boardroom table?
  • How technology can help risk managers do their job better
  • An interview with Telstra chief risk officer Kate Hughes
  • Top tips for reporting to the board
  • Using data effectively

Click here to view the digital issue of The Knowledge Reporting Risk, or download the PDF here.

Many thanks to the team at StrategicRisk for the opportunity.

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