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By RL Expert Leesa Soulodre

Attention Board Ready Women


Are you looking for your first foray onto a Board or are you seeking to expand your Board portfolio internationally?

Do you have 5 years’ experience in 1 or more of the following: •Chair &/or NED of listed/private corporations
•CEO/COO/CFO/C-suite exec/director level in listed/private corporations
•Family member & controlling shareholder of large family company boards
•Director of government agencies
•Director of non-profit orgs
•Institutional investment community senior professional
•Professional firms senior partner serving boards & their committees as clients
•Leading Academics with suitable relevant experience

If so, did you know that you are eligible to join the Global Board Ready Women Database EU 2020 initiative and the GMI3D initiative of the US? You will also be eligible to join the regionalDiversityDirectory Asia Pacific Database when it goes live in 2015.

1. To join the GMI3D US Initiative

The Diverse Director DataSource, also known as "3D", is sponsored by CALPers and CALSters. The Diverse Directors DataSource is a platform designed to be a clearinghouse for potential corporate director candidates with a special emphasis on a more diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experience.

See CALSTers message here:

To join the GMI3D database in the US, sign up here:

2. To join the Global Board Ready Women Database (GBRWD) EU 2020 initiative You must be approved and referred via a leading Academic institution in Europe. Steps to take I have only for my own alma mater, HEC School of Management. Reach out to your own Alma Mater to see if your Academic Institution is registered. 1. Send your Board CV (in English) to your Universities' Governance Group Committee who will forward you your specific Institutions Code to join the GBRWD, 2. Follow the link : and register with the your University code.

This movement started by the European Business Schools/Women on Board Taskforce has grown to become a global initiative including leading business schools and professional organisations from around the world in an effort to identify and promote Senior Women Executives and Professionals who meet the strict criteria, to create global and diverse corporate governance for the 21st Century. This group will provide executive search firms & those making board appointments with a list of suitable board-qualified women for companies in Europe and the world. Women in the group will ensure that their profiles are kept current and companies/recruiters can easily search and identify those whose experience most closely match their requirements & contact them directly. They will also be posting best practices and engaging in appropriate group discussions. You can learn more here;

Upon requesting to join the LinkedIN group, the Administrator will be in contact toverify your credentials & request your code. You will need to submit your CV & 2 referees. This group is administered by the FT Non-Executive Directors’ Club. If you are seeking for your own Company's Nominating Committee or represent an Asset Manager/Owner interested to hire from the databases and wish to view the list for long/short listing, please contact the respective Administrators for access. If you are a first time Director, considering your first foray into Board Directorship, you may also find this article from SpencerStuart helpful:

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Here, and at LinkedIn, I write about board related issues - reputation risk, technology, corporate governance and risk management and trends. If you would like to read my regular posts then please click 'Follow' (at the top of the page) and send me a LinkedIN invite. And, of course, feel free to also connect via Twitter and Facebook.

Leesa Soulodre is Managing Partner and Founder of RL Expert Group, a Member of the Global Advisory Council of Investment Advisory Firm, Cornerstone Capital, New York; an Innovation Advisor to the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Advanced Digital Science Centre, Singapore and a Board Advisor to Belgian PR Software firm, Prezly.

An Adjunct in Corporate Communications at Singapore Management University, Leesa lectures part time on risk issues and crisis management and content strategy at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business. Prior to moving to Asia, she spent 7 years part time in European Academia, lecturing on the Luxury MBA programs in Marketing, Advertising, Communications and Reputation Management at two french business schools, Ecole Superieur de Gestion and Mod'Art International.

A passionate philanthropist in the development and support of women in leadership, women in finance and women in science and technology. An advocate for sustainable access to medicines, diversity in the pursuit of sound corporate governance and public health education.

Connect: Leesa Soulodre, Managing Partner, RL Expert Group -

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