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Let's face it, your company is going to face a crisis in 2016. Perhaps not a major event such as an oil spill or natural disaster, but a crisis situation of some sort that will potentially damage your earnings, operations or reputation and lead to significant losses. But do you actually know how ready you are to manage this crisis?  Would you like to find out where the problems will most likely come from?

Crisis management and leadership are learned business skills. The Crisis Department is a collective group of crisis, communications and reputation management professionals, educating, teaching and sharing the best crisis management and leadership advice, taken from years of real world experience, across a variety of crisis events.

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Each year, millions of dollars are spent promoting a company and its brands to create the perfect image. Yet a single negative comment can escalate and destroy a reputation or access to market capital within days. Especially in today's world of social media.

And let's face it: a crisis situation is always waiting just around the corner. Perhaps not an incident with the magnitude of an Oil Spill Disaster, but an incident of some sort that can damage an organisation's reputation. 

Unfortunately, a crisis situation does not make an appointment nor does it jump out of a plane in a bright orange jumpsuit. No, it will come unannounced and will bring with it the unforeseen.

So the question we all have to ask ourselves: are we actually ready to manage the "unforeseen"?

To answer that question, The Crisis Department has developed a Crisis Ready Check which will provide full insights into howready you really are for that next crisis. 

Try the Crisis Ready Check for free to get initial insights into your organisation's "State of Crisis Readiness". Start measuring how ready you are for your next crisis.

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Stay prepared!

Leesa Soulodre Managing Partner, RL Expert

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